Musical Instrument insurance for members of The Finnish Musicians’ Union

Your membership of the Finnish Musicians’ Union automatically includes musical instrument insurance up to 3 000€. This is one of the benefits that the Union has negotiated on your behalf with us, Brookfield, a specialist insurer of musical instruments.

You are covered against accidental damage, loss or theft of your musical instruments which happens anywhere in the world, including when on tour or performing. The policy does not cover the first 150€ of every claim.

Extending the insurance

You can insure more than 3 000€ of musical instruments by purchasing extended cover directly from us. The cost of the extended cover is not covered by the Union, but the Union has negotiated discounted prices. For example:

  • To extend cover to 10 000€: 124€ per year
  • To extend cover to 25 000€: 310€ per year
  • To extend cover to 50.000€: 465€ per year

We can provide cover for instruments of any value, including for rare instruments. To obtain a personalised quotation, click here.

What is covered ?

  • Acoustic and electric instruments and their specific accessories such as bows, cases and personal amplifiers.
  • Microphones (apart from studio microphones)

What are the main exclusions ?

  • Mobile phones, iPads, tablets, laptop computers and other multi-purpose portable electronic devices
  • Amplifiers, other than personal amplifiers used specifically with an insured musical instrument
  • Loudspeakers, PA systems, monitors, headphones, pedals and the like, and their accessories
  • Stage, studio, computing and recording equipment and the like
  • Musical instruments or equipment in which you only have part ownership (for example if the equipment is owned jointly with other band members)

  • Loss or damage to strings, reeds or drumheads while the instrument is being played
  • Wear and tear, gradual deterioration, inherent defect, rust or oxidation, moth or vermin, warping or shrinkage

  • Claims when the equipment is left in unattended vehicles
  • Electrical or mechanical fault or breakdown

For the full information regarding your insurance including all exclusions and terms and conditions, download the policy conditions here.

Making a claim

Reporting a claim is easy. We will be in contact with you quickly if we require any further information.

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Extending the insurance

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