Extending the musical instrument insurance for members of The Finnish Musicians’ Union

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    All instruments need to be individually listed. The insurance value should be the full cost to replace the instrument, taking into account its technical characteristics and age. Do not reduce the value of the instrument by the basic cover provided by your membership.

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    The cost of your extended cover

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    To start the insurance, simply complete the final details below and you will receive your policy documents by email within two working days.

    * if you declare claims in the past five years we may amend our price. If we do this, we will inform you before starting the insurance.

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    To start your extended insurance, just complete the “Final details” section below and submit your request

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    In the past five years, have any of your instruments been lost, damaged or stolen (even if no insurance was in place) ?

    If yes, please describe the circumstances including date, what happened and what the value of the damage was.

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